Where sleep wake button on iphone?

You can also find it on the top right of the iPhone. It will be easy to confirm that you have pressed the correct button, it will turn the screen on and off. On iPhone 6 and later, and iPhone SE (3rd generation), press the side button to wake up or put iPhone to sleep. On iPhone SE (first generation) and earlier, press the top button.

Press and hold the sleep button for about 4 seconds, then slide your finger to turn off the device. Locking your iPhone puts the screen to sleep, saves battery power, and prevents anything from happening if you touch the screen. The iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) has two buttons: the home button on the front and the sleep (or wake) button near the upper right corner. When you hold it down, your iPhone turns on or off, and when you press and release it when your iPhone is turned on, your iPhone will wake up from sleep mode (and you see the lock screen) or put your iPhone to sleep.

When your iPhone is at sleep or locked, you'll continue to receive calls, messages, and alerts, unless you have Do Not Disturb turned on and can listen to music. Incoming communications, such as a phone call, a text message, or a notification from an application such as Facebook or Mail, also wake up the iPhone and present an action that must be performed on the lock screen. Swipe across the locked screen or press the Home button to use touch recognition on an iPhone 5s and the home screen or app you were using before the iPhone fell asleep opens. Now hold down the sleep button for a few seconds again, until the Apple logo appears, to restart.

What follows is a quick introduction to how you can use the sleep and home buttons to troubleshoot your iOS device. Press and hold the home button and the sleep button simultaneously for about 8-10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. To help you get started with your new iPhone smoothly, I would like to have a brief introduction of what the wake and sleep button on the iPhone is and conclude its various functions. You can certainly turn off your phone, but you can also put it to sleep and keep it locked or unlocked.

If you hold down the lock button for a few seconds, whether your iPad is on the lock screen or on the home screen, it will ask you if you want to turn off the device. If the iPad displays the home screen, pressing this button only once will darken the screen, lock it, and return to the starting point, where pressing it again will show the lock screen. If you have an iPhone 5s, the Home button performs both of the above functions and houses the Touch ID sensor, which uses your finger to authorize access to the iPhone and purchases instead of an access code or Apple ID.